Control Panel for FS2004 v0.1 alpha

based on the excellent USB HID controller by Leo Bodnar.

Only one note on that, if you intend to use rotary encoders: those encoders provide very short signals, and the stock controller checks the state of switches (buttons) every 4ms, with a very short (about 10usec I guess) pulse. So if you intend to use rotary encoders, you either have to build your own microcontroller that takes care of that (and maybe feeds Leo's controller with proper signal, or connect to your PC directly via USB), or ask Leo for 'faster' switch state checks (like 1ms cycle).

The pictures below represent a very 'experimental' layout. As I had not such controls before (8 analog axis, 32 buttons, and an extra hat switch), I decided to assemble a quicko panel, just to see how it works with FS2004, what controls I will use, and what would be the best layout for the final version. One thing is for sure: I have limited space on my desk, so I will not go for reality, instead, I will try to make it as compact as possible.

the first few thoughts after playing around with this new controls and FS2004 (and a few add-ons).

Ok, lets get to the tech details. Parts used to construct panel:

if you are also into building your very first control panel, I will be glad to share my experiences so far. You might contact me by email: balazs dot lengyak at gmail dot com.